Optimistic, consistent & broadminded fresh graduate experienced in motion graphic design & illustrations. Able to face challenges & always keen to provide strong concept & visuals for any upcoming projects.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Graphic Design



Experimental Film

Motion Graphic

Juix Up Promotional Video

Client based project - To make a promotional video for their product/service. Created a motion graphic promotional video for each of their juices series. Each series scenes will portray the individual benefits of each series of juices.

Red cross Blood Donation Process

Infographics for Red Cross Blood Donation to educate people on its process & what to be expected.

Adcamie Promotion Video

Adcamie was a promotional video that i worked on during my internship. I had to animate all the elements given to me, to bring it to life.

Freakshow Typography Poster

Typography Poster for a tv show, American Horror Story: Freakshow. Each of the letters designed based on the characters in that season.