I am a highly motivated and enthusiastic individual who strives for perfection. As an interaction designer, I put users before design, strongly believing that user experience is of utmost importance.

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The icons in this poster were made by myself on Illustrator, after slicing, merging and editing letters of the alphabet together. My chosen topic was graffiti and whether it is art or vandalism. A picture speaks a thousand words.


For my studio project, I received two quotes which I was tasked to interpret into 2 posters. This poster’s quote was “as bright as day, as light as play.” My interpretation was a hand playing with the sparkles that brightened up the dark room.

Absolut Lemon

This assignment’s brief was to do out a banner with either a fruit or vegetable of my choice as the main focus to promote a drink. My chosen topic was the lemon. At the bottom of the bottle is the abstract design of a lemon which I drew out using Ill


My chosen theme of this artwork was “Perspective”. The point of perspective here is all the way at the bottom of the steps, where everything looks so zoomed out and miniature. This was done mainly on photoshop, where I used the brush tool to draw.