(psst. they told us to promote ourselves.) My current goal is finish up projects, publicise, and be part of a team that does mobile games (as long as it looks and feels pleasant). I also have interest in developing MMORPGS, JRPGS, and networking

Games Design

Graphical User Interface Design

User-Centered Design

2D Graphics Programming

3D Graphics Programming

Mobile Games Programming

Android Typing Game: Wild Type

A personal project, to be published. The goal is to have various minigames highlighting different typing aspects, and a social/leaderboard & tamatgotchi element to have the player coming back. Made to target lack of actual typing games!

HTC Vive Action Multiplayer: Crystia

Crystia: An asymmetrical PvP game pitting players behind controllers/smartphones against a HTC Vive player. The product of a Student Exchange between Trident/Kajaani/NYP. I was in charge of the whole mobile game, and the multiplayer portion.

PONG + SLIMES: Fast-paced Retro Arcade

A twist on the classic game PONG. Use the ball to hit slimes! Different slimes cause different things to happen. A personal project to be published on the play store, developed independently. This is a WIP, I will be continuing work on this.

FATMAN: Trident College Game Jam 2016

Eat as many hamburgers without getting caught by the nurse! This was a group project done during student exchange, working across a lgnauge barrier. I was in charge of the overall design, animations, UI, FX, and feedback.