I am a programmer always seeking out new opportunities to learn new things and I constantly strive to improve myself. I have a great passion for making video games as it allows me to think creatively and produce something for others to enjoy.

2D Graphics Programming

AI Programming

Games Scripting

Mobile Games Programming

Physics Programming

User Interface Programming

Journey Through Imperium

Journey through Imperium is a 2D roguelike game with a huge variety of weapons, abilities and enemies. Journey through different realms and face off against enemies as you collect enough shards to proceed to the next realm.

Mystic Cauldron

Mystic Cauldron is a casual game where players pop bubbles to unlock a variety of items such as recipes and cauldrons. Check it out on Google Play!

Get The Artifact!

Venture through dungeons and solve puzzles! Plan your steps carefully to avoid traps and enemies that block your way to freedom!

Educational Drug Game

This is an educational game which educates people about the dangers about taking drugs. The player takes control of a hero and fights off the waves 'drug enemies' in this 2D top down shooter.