I'm an visual artist that specializes in interests involving character design and environmental works. Most of my inspiration comes from video games, animations, especially cartoons. I'm a team player, dynamic adapter and influenced by many sources.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Character Design

Digital Matte Painting

Graphic Design



The Castle in Lost Ice Cavern

One of my first environmental paintings, inspired by ice caves that form in Scandinavian regions. Features an ancient castle with a history of a great battle and a lone explorer descending to uncover its secrets.

The RE.D EARTH Project Poster

A poster for the RE.D EARTH project. Featuring the main robotic character and his ship.

Officer Judy Hopps Illustration

At the time, I was deeply in love with the movie Zootopia and went into the mood of drawing some fanart. Had my own take on it by having her wear a different outfit, like an undercover cop along with a police baton and a firearm.

RE.D EARTH "Warm Welcome Home"

Concept work for the RE.D EARTH project. A lonely desolate Earth, waiting to be recovered as seen from Space