I'm a multi-disciplined programmer with a focus on 3D games made using game engines. I've had some experience with web server development, audio creation and shaders and am interested in learning to be a tech artist. I speak mainly C#,C++ and Python.

Games Design

3D Graphics Programming

Games Scripting

Mobile Games Programming

Web Development

Audio Creation


This is a project that I worked on for my internship in Supinfogame in France. The game is a third-person action-adventure game, with an emphasis on telling a story without narration or text. For this project, I contributed a level streaming system.

STNU: Shut The Neighbours Up

Together with a team of 2 artists and a designer, I programmed this game(in VR) for the SamsungVR headset and Oculus for the International Games Concept Challenge(team won 2nd).In this game, you throw objects at your noisy neighbours to shut them up.


This is a game that I created for my final year project. Currently in the Alpha phase, this game is a 3D first-person adventure puzzle platformer with an emphasis on the theme of colourblindness. The finished game will include multiplayer.

Studio Project 4: Overtale

This game was made for my studio project 4, in which we were tasked to make a game with the theme "no violence". The game has 4 minigames in which I programmed the 2nd one. My minigame is a puzzle game based on colour matching with waypoint-based AI.