I am an aspiring designer that follow the rules but does not conform into uniformity. I like simplicity with profound explanation. I believe that design varies and I highly regard user experience and creativity when it comes to my work.

Graphic Design

Graphical User Interface Design


Interaction Design


Web Design


Treveler is a new travel agency that provides packaged tours to exotic destinations that Travel agencies wouldn’t normally provide. I wanted to portray a tranquil yet exotic vibe to those beautiful destinations in hopes of attracting travelers.

Sweet as sugar and Everything nice

This was my interpretation of “Sweet as sugar and everything nice”. I’ve incorporated the cupcake frosting and ribbons etc to a dream catcher in hopes to give people good dreams instead of catching bad ones.


My group and I created an online journal documenting our trip to Helsinki, Finland. We named our journal “Enthral” which means "to capture the fascinated attention of" because we want to capture the amazing memories and document it.

Absolut Citron

We were tasked to create our own Absolut Vodka flavor while implementing our fruit illustrations; in my case, it was a lemon. And from there design a poster to promote the new drink.