I have graduated with a diploma in Interaction Design. In Interaction Design we create interfaces whereby users can easily interact with technology across platforms, as well as novel experience with physical art installations.

Graphical User Interface Design

Interaction Design


Web Design

User Interface Programming

Web Development

i Light Marina Bay 2017

ATARAXIA is an interactive light installation that brings people from the hustle and bustle of life into another dimension. Experience a state of freedom from anxiety and tension. Be transported to an alternate world free from feelings of negativity

GuangZhou Light Festival 2016

PARALLELISM is an interactive light installation. It creates an immersive environment for the users to interact with. The website allows the user to upload an image, which can be filtered and uploaded to a gallery.

i Light Marina Bay 2016

The Unveiled Beauty aims to change preconceived notions about shadows being boring and showcase how shadows can be manipulated with technology to make them interesting and fun. The installation adds a different dimension to the audiences’ shadows.

Samsung Solve For Tomorrow

SMARTCare consists of – a smartphone, a wrist band, and a pill box. All three will work in tandem with each other to remind the elderly to take their medication. Furthermore, the wrist band could potentially be used to help the elderly get around.