Hey! My name's Cassandra and I enjoy doing digital paintings as well as 3D artworks - ranging from characters to environments. I like art.

Digital Matte Painting

Graphical User Interface Design

3D Animation

3D Modelling

3D Rendering, Lighting & Texturing


Kindergarten Classroom

A new kindergarten set-up for children, where they can have fun and learn in a conducive environment. Kindergarten classroom is a 3D environment artwork, modeled in Autodesk Maya, textured, and lighting done in Unity.

Abandoned Castle

Abandoned and long forgotten about after the war, nature has overtook what used to be a lively place full of joy.

Assassin's Life - LIA

"Lia - An assassin that longs to spread her beliefs and views to the world by doing what she deems right." LIA is a 3D model, first sculpted in Z-brush, then creating a lower poly model.

Enchanted Forest

A forest modeled in Maya 2015 and textured with a hand-painted style.