Hi, I'm Jing Hian! I am an interaction designer and web developer. I am capable in both graphic design and web development. I have done social media banners for companies such as CPF, BCA, , Eu Yan Sang, Brother and Drypers.

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Samsung Gear VR Smart home interface

The purpose of this project was to create an intuitive user interface that fits well into the Samsung virtual home ecosystem while also Providing a good user experience in the virtual environment. I programmed the interface in the Unity Engine.

Branding - Comics Connection

The objective of this project was to re-brand a company to give them a unique identity to stand out from competitors. For my company, I chose to re-brand Comics Connection because it was one of my favourite stores to visit when I was young.

Discrimination of the future

With the slow rise of machines that are replacing our workforce, strong objections and discrimination are bound to occur one day. I decided to explore and delve into the possible future of co-existence, or lack thereof, with machines.

Typicons - Helvetica Nation

A project that involved cutting up letters in the Helvetica typeface to form a series of icons. The theme I chose was Antiques.