Dedicated and passionate designer, who have the aptitude to be your designer as I am effervescent, reliable and responsible in everything I do. I am motivated to take on challenges. Eager and ambitious to make a difference and contribute to society.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Graphic Design

Interaction Design

User-Centered Design

Web Design

Web Development


To allow users to experience the relaxing and enjoyable feel so that it attracts them to go on a holiday with Treveler. It is for escapist to escape from the busy city life to rejuvenate and rewind. Therefore, I designed it to be a soothing one.

GuangZhou Light Festival

This installation happened in Guang Zhou Light Festival. I worked on the character design. They are created to look fun and exciting, no just any typical drawn animal characters. Even though the shape is distorted, you can still recognise them.

Fitbit Muscle Mass

In collaboration with Fitbit Aria Smart Weighing Scale, this app is designed for health-awareness people to gain muscle mass and reduce fat mass. This promotes the act of losing weight healthily.


Basilico is a high class Italian Resturant. Basilico entices with an emphasis on fresh, seasonal and authentic Italian cuisine. This website aim is to bring user on a journey to a clean, modern and sophisticated website to further emphasise Basilico.