Enhancing myself with new adventures and eager to learn from others. Bringing optimistic in the team to make a difference in our projects together in a harmony manner. Keen to learn more from others.

Digital Imaging

Graphic Design



Web Design

Web Development

Disney the Wonderland

A website which allow users to register and login in to be the member of the website. User can post photos and posts to share with your friends. This help you to know more people of the common interest through this platform.

Powerful Big Bad Wolf

By twisting the story of the “three little pigs” with the presence of the vacuum cleaner. Big bad wolf can even vacuum off the brick house and hence this shows that the vacuum cleaner is very powerful and strong.

Personalised Weather Application

This weather app is to allow users, especially athletes to track which of the nearby stadium is available for running and exercising. There are also specific time and locations user can view and bookmark the stadiums.

Are You A Perfectionist?

This platform allow users to question and answer themselves to know if they are a Perfectionist of just an Adaptive Perfectionist. Explanations are provided such as pros and cons for both kind of Perfectionist.