I am a patient and creative design student, able to work well in teams. I specialise in web design and web development. I am passionate in working with media-related projects.

Graphic Design

Graphical User Interface Design


Interaction Design

Web Design

Web Development

Drawing and Illustration

We have a dream when we are young, we live in a big house and stay with parents forever long; we travel the world and fly to the sky; we grow older but not lost our dream.

Singapore's Design Landscape Journal

Singapore design week, came up a theme on Organic Design in Singapore, inspiration from the 'beauty garden' and the special, unique organic buildings located in Singapore.

Revamp Jang Wong website

Redesign the content hierarchy to improve the look & feel of the website of Jang Won Korean restaurant, so that the important information is picked up.

Cyber Security

To create a website for teenagers age 13-17, to raise awareness of the importance of reading terms and conditions and to safeguard their online privacy.