I love to capture every moment of my experiences while I travel. Stories enable me to express my emotion and thoughts through imagining the future and preparing for the unexpected.


2D Animation

3D Animation

3D Modelling

Audio Creation

Motion Graphic

SGX Munnies

Exploring different styles of facial expression for the money bags. Creating expressions like happy, shock, sad and singing.

Texturing & Lighting

Using different types of textures to recreate the look of the bathroom. Used textures such as marble, wood, and concrete. Lighting were all done in Nuke.

Guess What When Where Is It?

How would a character look like if they are always surrounded by plants? A 3D turntable of the main character.

Jasper and the Wazlander

Coming out with different styles and designs for the alien car. Making sure that the car looks weird, quirky and slightly robotic.