Hello there! My name is Clarence and I studied Animation. My passion lies greatly in Compositing, I found the ability to freely control different passes and tweak them as I like extremely useful. Besides Nuke, I enjoy using Photoshop to do texturing.

Digital Imaging

Digital Matte Painting

Graphic Design


3D Rendering, Lighting & Texturing

Composition & Post-Production

Compositing - Singapore Integration

The idea behind this was to first get a standard stock footage of a city skyline. Secondly, take pictures of elements that represent Singapore, be it a building or a tourist attraction. Finally, we integrate these elements together for the composite.

Product Texturing - Bus Decals

I designed these textures from the bus advertisements to the safety stickers featured on the dashboard of the bus. I designed in total 5 different variations of bus advertisements. These were to be applied to the buses for a city shot in Hong Kong.

Product Texturing – News Stand

The first model I did product texturing at Lighthouse. Did some candy packet and cigarette packet design and variations for a news stand. Needed to do my best to keep the quality of the texture as well as to keep the design and variation consistent.

Product Texturing – Food Stall

This was one of the few major models I had to do quite a bit of product texturing for. I needed to create multiple variations for various products featured on the food stand. Some include designing logos, fruit juices, lunch boxes, chocolate boxes.