I am honest, upbeat and creative motion graphics designer who is willing to overcome any challenges.

Broadcast Design

Digital Matte Painting

Graphic Design



Motion Graphic

National Day Parade 2016

Graphics Designer Creating Visuals on the NDP stage for 2 In collaboration with NDP and SIDM, we did a motion graphics video on Act 2D : Our Four Civilizations. Masking out every old photos from 1890s to 2016 before combing into a time tunnel video.


Anthony Chong is an artist, graduated from Nanyang Polytechnic and he continued his art passion. To highlight his artwork, this video is demonstrating all of his best artworks through graphics.

Interview with lecturers

The offline conversation from the interview is made into a motion graphics video in whatsapp style. The conversation with lecturers is about their experiences in teaching their students and their method of teaching.

Matte Painting Video

To showcase School Interactive & Media Design students artworks, I did an experiment with ink splash elements to portray their artworks.