As a creative designer, an eye for details with aesthetic motion is critical for all sorts of works. I am a organised, amiable and creative motion designer who strongly believes in creating professional motion graphics which speaks a story.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Broadcast Design

Graphic Design

3D Animation


Motion Graphic

Dofu Promotional Video

Dofu was a client that i’ve found during one of our final year modules. We each had to find a client to work with thus i've collaborated with Dofu. In 1month we have to propose and create a motion graphic clip for your chosen client.

NDP 2016

I was really humbled and proud to be one of the few that was able to work on such national projects. In this project I was tasked with 2 of my friends to work on the whole ACT 1 of NDP 16.

Nike Air Max

The Idea was to create a manufacture stage of Nike Air Max with a hint of floatiness. I was really proud of this collaboration and it was my 1st time creating beautiful renders that could extend to the commercial world.

Unlimited Possibilities

For this project i'm greatly inspired by how jewelry commercials are able to conceptualise their idea and bring it across the consumer.