I believe that design has to practice from beginning to end and I like to seeking for new challenges and new opportunities whatever I go.

Digital Imaging

Graphical User Interface Design

Interaction Design


Web Design

Web Development

Treveler Web Design

This project is a web design created for travellers with the purpose of viewing the countries popular tourist areas. The concept is towards 'exciting' and 'curiosity' design to make travellers feels the emotions.

New Ubin Seafood Revamp Web Design

This project is a web design recreated for New Ubin Seafood website. The concept is inspired by western designs. These images provide the main focus of the website.

Spend, Scratch & Win with UOB web design

This project was assigned during my internship. The client is going for images and words that captures the users' eyes.

Branding Identity Portfolio

The concept is about polygon and origami as I believe in designing has to practice from beginning till end.