A rebel in hijab. A graduate of Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design in Nanyang Polytechnic. A little bit odd. She hates 9-5 sitting. Too fidgety for anything. "Why be normal to fit in, when you can be weird and shine", something i vibe to everyday.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Graphic Design




Motion Graphic

Lights Camera Action

A project collaboration with Singapore dapper rapper, Mean, from XS Collective. Created a music video for the artist. Worked in a team of 3. It was definitely a great experience as this project made it to mean's official music video.


A collaboration video with Kranji Countryside Association. To educate people to support local products. With this, my team and i came up with an idea of using an egg as the main source of food together with some of our local specialities.

Tiffany & Co.

A school project that was once an illustration, and have make it visual worthy. This was suppose to be a guidance step on how to pick a diamond setting before anyone pop the question. Worked in pair. This video have no relation with Tiffany & Co.

Interesting Confusion (Mature Content)

An Experimental Film. I'm intrigued with how the appearance of a female body looks. I want to portray every inch of the female body and evoke emotions of, "what's going on with her?" "who will fantasize of her body". I want to bring the emotions