I am a 2D game artist/UI artist based in Singapore. Not only do I specialize in 2D works but I am versatile in 3D modelling, game design and documentations, graphic design, creating illustrations, photography and video production.

Character Design

Games Design

Graphical User Interface Design


2D Animation

3D Modelling

Myriad of Dragons

Myriad Of Dragons is a fantasy trading card game for mobile that will be available for both Android and iOS.

Future of Autonomous Vehicles

Concept and visualization of the future of autonomous vehicles.

Scotland Building Simulator

Using Scotland iconic landmarks and gothic-style architecture as a basis for the design of the game, I incorporated the elements into the building simulator in fused with my own polygonal stylized style to create this.

The Misadventures of Ash and Froyo

This is a comic featuring the friendship between Ash and her imaginary friend, Froyo, created in the figment of her imagination during her childhood. Froyo is an amalgram of many things that Ash likes & will represent the spirit of anyone's childhood