I love fantasy character's history, story and re-create them in my version. I like doing character design as I want to see how much idea I can create. My hobby is building model kit, I love Kamen Rider, Gundam and card games such as Battle spirits.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Character Design



2D Animation

Figure Sculpture

Project: Totem

This is a few design I did for my project call Totem . The totem are little creature descend from the sky and they help out the humans when they have problem. These totem can also become giant, to fight off any enemy. project-totem

Destiny Roulette

This is about a card game base on luck call Destiny Roulette. I have design 2 kinds, 1 is base on kinght another is base on clowns or trickster. destiny-roulette

Shaman Revenger

This a character lineup of good and evil character base on Siberia shamans.

Beyond Zodiac

This is my version of the 12 star zodiac. These also can combine to become a greek hero or monster or god. beyond-zodiac