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Hi I'm Yayi. I'm cooperative and responsible who love to learn new skills. I have more experience on working in pre-production team. I love to provide ideas and suggestions to my working team by doing a lot of researches to find out solutions.

Art Direction & Conceptual Art

Character Design

Digital Imaging


2D Animation

3D Modelling

Ocean Spirit

This project is to design an unknown creature to the actual location from the Earth. This creature I created they were living in a very hidden ocean area. The Sun light only able to shine into the hidden sea once a year, then they will appear.

Little Red Bricks

"Little Red Bricks" was a project I was assigned to during my internship at Robort Playground Pte Ltd. I was working with their pre-production team, and mainly providing them background painting and character design.

Heel Street

In this project I am assigned to do character design as well as 3D modelling, texturing. I was the director of the team, by providing direction for our team's storyboards, lighting, and positioning.

Le Angmor Amour

Teamwork project for celebrating the friendship between Singapore and French. The story line was created by me and I was assigned to do character design, 3D modelling, 3D animation, lighting and texturing.