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I'm Symon an aspiring artist based in Singapore. I love all forms of animation and cartoony styles. Semi Realism is also another favorite. I aim to bring good story-boarding, appealing illustration and believable animation for people to enjoy.

Character Design




2D Animation

3D Animation

Big Downfall - Studio Project 2

1-min animation done for Studio Project 2. Animated with Toon Boom Harmony. “Operating on his friendly Hot Air Balloon, Tinie Winy likes feeding birds yummy food. Unfortunately there are some who love taking advantage of one’s kindness.”

Sweet Tooth Background - FYPJ1

A background I did for my FYPJ1. It is a Rainbow Park in the sky. This is a panning shot when the characters run through it.

Illustrated Spread - Children Book

An illustrated spread for my Children Book Illustration module. The title of the book is "Tree Scramble", about two creatures who get into a struggle with a mother bird after a misunderstanding over her eggs.

Vintage Era - National Education

A re-imagination of Singapore in the early 90's when western clothing was extremely common for business man.