Edmund's dream is to create a MMORPG virtual reality game where gamers around the world would hub together and interact with each other.

2D Graphics Programming

3D Graphics Programming

Games Scripting

Hardware Shaders

Mobile Games Programming

Multi Core Programming (PS3/CELL)


Crystia is an asymmetrical PvP game for HTC Vive. Vive player uses magic to fight against up to 4 players who can play using either controllers or smartphones. Prototype with a team of international students from Finland, Singapore and Japan

Masterpiece Mammoth

Winner of the 2016 International Game Concept Challenge. Masterpiece Mammoth was prototyped by an international team in under two weeks and allows the player to experience the creative impulses of a freelance-artist-Woolley-Mammoth in virtual reality


Khaike is a point-and-click game interactive story telling game about a young human going on a journey to reclaim their rightful succession to the throne. Created with the new Amazon Lumberyard game engine to test the engine's capabilities.

Project Pet Alarm

To experiment with Live2D Cubism SDK, Unity3D and Android Studio to create an Android application alarm clock to learn how to write my own Android plugins for Unity3D while interacting with Live2D