I am a 3D Generalist and illustrator who enjoys 2D and 3D Animation, compositing, texturing, as well as drawing and painting digitally with a tablet. My hobbies are sketching and photography.

Digital Matte Painting


2D Animation

3D Animation

3D Rendering, Lighting & Texturing

Composition & Post-Production

Futbol’s 9th Symphony

A story of two boys bonding over a “soccer” can. Created for VoiLah!, an annual festival held in Singapore to celebrate their friendship of strong ties with many cross-cultural exchanges. By Chee Yu, Patrick, Pin Ru, Melissa and Wen Xiang.

3D Pantomime: News Flash

A man is relaxing, reading the paper while drinking his morning coffee but runs off after something catches his eye on the paper.

3D Render: The Old Bathroom

An old and forgotten bathroom from the Victorian era, dirty and rusty from years of neglect. Rendered and textured in Maya, final touches in Nuke. I only did the textures. Modelling not done by me.

A Gift of Kindness: Page 01 & 02

The first page from my Children Storybook. Illustrated and written by me.