I hope that I can use my art skills and story telling to help encourage and inspire people to dream big ,be optimistic in life.If you have a dream continue to chase after it and do not lose heart.

Digital Matte Painting




Composition & Post-Production

Motion Graphic

Pigments_Ending Credits

This is a watercolour stain reveal animation video that I did during my internship in France, This was also part of the ending credits to a short project film , Pigments. The character's name is Ophelia who is the main character of the show.

Digital Photo Manipulation

Was given a 3 photos to do some manipulation.The first image was from Day to Night .Next was from Summer to Winter and the last one the theme was to turn the original photo to an abandon futuristic city. I wanted the setting to take place underwater.

Children Book Illustration

These are some of the illustration that I did for my Children illustration book.The story is about girl name Nikki who loves to draw but struggles with fears,insecurities and being a misfit.In the end, she has found a sense of belonging.

TTSH Oral Healthcare Tips

This video was done for Tan Tock Seng Hospital Dental Clinic.The purpose of this video was to promote Oral Hygiene and Dental care awareness.