Hello there! The name is Guang Hao, and I'm an aspiring motion capture artist. I’ve always felt that Motion Capture was amazing and awesome when I first saw it. I'm skilled in setting up and recording mocap, cleaning and re-targeting the data.

3D Rendering, Lighting & Texturing

Audio Creation

Motion Capture

Visual Effects

Lighting Mocap Shot

A simple shot was done using Autodesk Maya, Motionbuilder & Vicon Blade. Mocap is recorded and cleaned up in Blade and exported to Motionbuilder. Retarget & reanimated in Motionbuilder to make the animation even better.

Facial Mocap shot

Facial tracking shot done using Faceware & Motionbuilder. The footage was captured using Nikon D5300 (@60fps) and track using Faceware. The data was then retargeted & animated onto the model using Motionbuilder.

Dynamic Simulation

Created the violet flames and water only. Both effects was simulated in HoudiniFX (fire and water simulation). The shaders were created in Houdini too. Rendered in HoudiniFX.

Motion capture with facial capture

A motion capture short created using both body & facial capture. Facial part is created using Faceware, while the body capture is recorded using Blade. Both of the animation is re-targeted & edited in MotionBuilder.