I am an adventurer who is an artist by day and a bookworm by night. I don't just do art because I can do it, but I want to share stories with the world by bringing them to life.

Digital Matte Painting



3D Rendering, Lighting & Texturing

Composition & Post-Production

Motion Graphic

Futbol’s 9th Symphony

Created for VoiLah! by my team Dreamwalkers, consisting of 5 members: Chee Yu, Patrick, Pin Ru, Wen Xiang and me. In this short animated film, the story took place in the city of Francapore where the boys bonded over a “soccer” can.

Visiting the “Wet” Market

The wet market made me think of an underwater market due to the word “wet”. So hence, I drew in 2 different art styles: UPA and Brandon James Scott, to tell a story of a little girl swimming around an underwater market with her sea creature friends.

The Lost Town

What if a famous town which was filled with magical tales suddenly disappeared mysteriously from the world during a disaster, until one day a deep sea diver stumbled upon it?

Jasper and The Wazlanders

Created for a mini TV series by the FYP team, consisting of 6 members: Cherie, Claudia, Jacinda, Marianne, Melissa and Yi Ling. In this opening title scene, it shows the prequel of how the Wazlanders and Jasper first met.